Automatic Distillation Analyser with Touch Screen Display

Automatic Distillation Analyser with Touch Screen Display

Dry Point Detection as Standard Feature

Dry point can be detected visually or by automatic detection for ASTM D850 and D1078 test methods. The unit is delivered ready with the PC board components already included as standard to perform the dry point analysis. Simply order the Automatic Dry Point Detection Kit for Solvents (see Ordering Information at right) which includes dry point thermocouple, 200mL flask and PTFE plug to perform dry point detection analysis automatically.

Ready for Groups 1 - 4 and more

Each Koehler Automatic Distillation Analyzer 5000 Series comes ready with the equipment, accessories and features as standard to properly run distillation groups 1 to 4 per ASTM D86 and related test specifications. No additional accessories are required. The Windows-based software package allows simple operator selection of the programmed settings for each distillation protocol. No complicated routines are needed to set up the unit. User defined programs are easily created for customization of the analyzer.

Calculated Cetane Index

Calculated cetane index is a useful tool for estimating ASTM D4737 cetane number where a test engine is not available for determining this properly. It may be conveniently employed for approximating cetane number where the quantity of sample is too small for an engine rating. In cases where the cetane number of a fuel has been initially established, the index is useful as a cetane number check on subsequent samples of that fuel, provided its source and mode of manufacture remain unchanged. The Cetane index is automatically calculated at the end of the test if all the necessary variables are entered and is a component of the Windows based software which comes standard with the unit.

Carbon Residue on 10% Distillation Residue

As per section 10, ASTM D189 the procedure for carbon residue of light distillate oils can be performed.

Included Accessories
  • Distillation Flask, 125mL with Markings
  • Ceran Plate, 25mm dia. hole
  • Ceran Plate, 38mm dia. hole
  • Ceran Plate, 50mm dia. hole
  • 3 Point Calibrated PT100 Thermometer with Cable and Plug
  • Special Graduated Receiver Cylinder with Base
  • Wiper for Condenser Tube
  • Dropping Plate
  • Teflon Plug for 125mL Flask
  • Silicone Plug for Flask Side Arm
  • Dry Point Detection Board
  • Windows-based Automatic Distillation Software

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