Constant Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Bath (KV4000)

Constant Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Bath (KV4000)

Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids , Kinematic Viscosity of Asphalts (Bitumens) , Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer , Viscosity and Viscosity change after standing at Low Temperature of Aircraft Turbine Lubricants.

Test Method :

Kinematic viscosity is of primary importance in the design and selection of a wide range of petroleum products. Calibrated capillary viscometers are used to measure flow under gravity or vacuum at precisely controlled temperatures.

Kinematic Viscosity Test Equipment
  • Constant temperature baths for the full range of viscosity applications, from low temperature to high temperature
  • Calibrated glass capillary kinematic viscometers
  • Viscosity standards
  • Viscometer cleaning and drying apparatus
  • Kinematic viscosity thermometers

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