Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus

Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus

Test Method

Determines saturates, olefins and aromatics in petroleum fractions that distil below 315°C.

Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus

  • Conforms to ASTM D1319 specifications
  • Quick connections for columns for faster set-up and analysis
  • Integrated vibration system for dry silica gel packing
  • Handheld UV Lamp
  • Two, four, or six column models available

A complete system for conducting FIA analyses of a single or up to six samples simultaneously. Each system is complete with an upper multi-position air pressure manifold with independently-operated gauges, pressure regulators and ball O-ring joints allowing for individual pressure control at each column. Each pressure regulator may be set at any point from 0-15 psi and will maintain the set pressure regardless of changes in back pressure. An integral pressure gauge on each station continuously registers the active pressure on each column. The ball O-ring connection system connects the pressure regulators to the upper columns, and the proper seal is achieved by applying moderate clamping pressure of stainless steel clamps without utilizing any grease. Convenient O-ring compression type fittings simplify the connection of the analyzer tubes (3mm OD x 1200mm) to the upper columns. The internal geometry of the fittings is optimized for transition between tubing diameters, and a simple twist of the connection fitting releases the analyzer tube. O-ring compression type fittings are also used to cap the end of each analyzer tube with the column support tips. The tips contain an internal porous polyethylene disc in order to support the silica gel packing in each analyzer tube. An integrated electric vibration system is mounted to the upper chassis so that the columns can be vibrated to facilitate the dry gel packing procedure, and features an on/off and amplitude selector switch. The complete unit also includes a 1mL syringe with 4" needle, two gel bottles for pouring silica gel, extra O-rings, stainless steel ball-and-socket joint clamps, and two mounting brackets with screws for stabilizing chassis.

  • Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D1319; IP 156; NF M 07-024
  • Electrical Requirements - 115V 60Hz , 220-240V 50/60Hz

Included Accessories
  • Syringe, 1mL Ball-and-Socket Joint Clamps, Bottles (2), Mounting Brackets (2), O-Rings Integrated Electric Vibration Hand-held UV Lamp

  • lxwxh,in. (cm) : 8x26x82 (20x66x208)
  • Net Weight: 100 lbs (45.5kg)

Shipping Information
  • Shipping Weight: 121 lbs (55kg)
  • Dimensions: 12 Cu. ft.

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