Lincoln Ventmeter

Lincoln Ventmeter

Test Method

The K95400 Lincoln Ventmeter evaluates the ventability of grease, which is useful in determining by consistency what type of greases can be used in a centralized automatic lubrication system. Furthermore, the size or diameter of the supply line in an automatic lubrication system can be accurately determined for a particular type of grease. Pressurizing lubricant grease in 25 feet coil tube to 1800 psi with a grease gun, opening the venting valve and reading the pressure on the gage after 30 seconds will provide the supply line size and maximum supply line information for the tested grease by referring the supplied grease ventmeter reading to supply line reference charts after measuring of the grease ventablility.

Test under Different Temperature

The test could be done under any temperature as application required. The standard test recommend three temperature: 0?F, 30?F and 75?F. When testing under temperature other than the ambient, the ventmeter filled with grease should be put in temperature chamber for at least 4 hours. The same test steps should be used for different temperature conditions.

Lincoln Ventmeter

Lincoln Ventmeter, as a simulation device of a centralized lubrication system, consists of 25 feet coil tube with valve 1 at the pressure gage end and valve 2 at the end where a level grease gun is connected. Build up pressure with the grease gun attached when valve 1 closed. Open instantly valve 2 when pressure gage reading stabilizes at 1800 psi. Read the pressure gage after venting for 30 seconds. Repeat test three times and take an average reading to determine supply line pipe size and maximum length of supply line.

  • Model: K95400
  • Electrical Requirements: None

  • Overall: 15"x6"x5"
  • Net Weight - 145 lbs (65.8kg)

Shipping Information
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16"x10"x6"

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