Linkam Scientific Instruments

Linkam Scientific Instruments

Heating and Cooling Stages with numerous additional features by Linkam Scientific Instruments - UK

Linkam Scientific Instruments, UK - Range of Heating and Freezing stages for optical Microscopes / Raman , FTIR and other forms of Spectroscopy. Applications include Micro structural studies at different temperatures and similar different physical parameters.

The Heating and Cooling Stages with numerous additional features are used to study the microstructural changes in samples in a wide range of temperatures from -195 to 1500°C. These stages show the phase changes in samples during increasing/decreasing temperatures and allow the user to capture still images and videos of the samples during the heating/cooling cycles. What microscopic changes occur in the samples in high/low temperatures can be clearly observed and recorded through these instruments. Apart from temperature, there are many other features as well to control the other atmospheric parameters too e.g. Humidity, Pressure, Tensile Stress and Strain, Shearing, Freeze-Drying, Electrical Parameters, Vacuum and many more. Even Linkam has its own Optical DSC system which is unparalleled in the world because of its accuracy and reliability.

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FDCS196 on IS down

FDCS196 Open

HFS600PB4 Open

LTS420 Open

THMS600 Open

BCS196 open

CAP 500 open

CSS450 open

DSC 450 open

FDCS196 open

FTIR600 open

HFS350EV PB4 no lid photovoltaic sample

HFSEL600 floating lid.jpg

HS1500 open

LTS 120 open

LTS420 open

LTS420EPB4 open

MFS angled lid


TS1200 open

TS1500EV open

TS1200 open