Refrigerated Bench Model

Refrigerated Bench Model

Test Method

Cloud point and pour point are indicators of the lowest temperature of utility for petroleum products. The sample is periodically examined while it is being cooled in the cloud and pour point apparatus. The highest temperature at which haziness is observed (cloud point), or the lowest temperature at which movement of the oil is observed (pour point), is reported as the test result.

Cloud and Pour Point Test Equipment

  • Conforms to ASTM D97, D2500 and related specifications
  • Compact four-place portable chamber
  • Mechanically refrigerated models with factory preset cold baths

Cloud and Pour Point Chamber

Immerses four copper test jackets in suitable freezing mixtures at the required depth per ASTM specifications. Available with inlet and outlet connections for circulating refrigerated coolant from an external source. Consists of steel exterior housing with polyurethane enamel finish and all copper interior for corrosion resistance. Removable composition top plate and 1/2" (13mm) cork insulation around interior aid in cold retention. Supplied with copper jackets, gaskets, disks, and thermometer holders for test jars and cooling bath. Order test jars and thermometers separately.

Mechanically Refrigerated Baths

Bench-model and floor-model test units with multiple four-jacket mechanically refrigerated baths, each factory preset at a different temperature for convenient cloud and pour point testing. Bench model has three baths, set at +32, 0 and -27°F (0, -18 and -33°C); floor model available with either four or five baths, set at +32, 0, -27 and -60°F (0, -18, -33 and -51°C) and +32, 0, -27, -60 and -92°F (0, -18, -33, -51, and -69°C) respectively. Each bath has a phenolic top plate with ports for thermometer and four copper test jackets. Synthetic sponge covers over each top plate and gasketed hoods over each bath prevent excessive ice accumulation around the test jackets. Cascade hermetic refrigeration system provides reliable long term service. Bath interior is made of stainless steel, cabinet is constructed of polyester-epoxy finished steel housing. Floor model rides on swivel castors. Supplied with test jackets, gaskets, disks, and thermometer holders for test jars and cooling baths.

  • Conforms to the specifications of : ASTM D97, D2500, D5853, D6074, D6158; IP 15, 219; ISO 3015, 3016; DIN 51597; FTM 791-201; NF T 60-105

Electrical Requirements
  • Model K46100 Refrigerated Bench Model: 115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 12.2A ; 220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 6.9A
  • Model K46300/K46500 Refrigerated Floor Model: 115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 17.7A ; 220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 9.7A

  • K46000: dia.xh,in.(cm) - 10.1/2x12 (27x30) ; K46100: lxwxh,in.(cm) - 30x28x35 (76x71x89) ; K46300/K46500: lxwxh,in.(cm) - 44x38x4 (112x97x115)
  • Net Weight: K46000 - 14 lbs (6.3 kg) , K46100 - 340 lbs (155 kg) , K46300/K46500 - 392 lbs (178 kg)

Shipping Information
  • Shipping Weight: K46000 - 18 lbs (8.2 kg) , K46100: 550 lbs (250 kg) , K46300/K46500: 605 lbs (275 kg)
  • Dimensions: K46000: 2.6 Cu. ft. , K46100: 14.1 Cu. ft. , K46300/K46500: 60.6 Cu. ft.

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