Automatic Softening Point of Bitumen

Automatic Softening Point of Bitumen

Test Method

Determines the Softening Point of Bitumen in the range from 30 to 157°C (86 to 315?F) using the ring and ball apparatus immersed in distilled water (30 to 80°C), USP glycerine (above 80 to 157°C), or ethylene glycol (30 to 110°C).

Automatic Softening Point Analyzer

  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Laser sensor detection
  • Easy to use Loading Position
  • Integrated Magnetic Stirrer
  • Two Independent Test Positions
  • Programmable
  • Controlled Stirring Speeds
  • USB Storage

  • Conforms to the specifications of : ASTM D36; AFNOR T66-008; EN 1427; ISO 4625; NF EN 1427; IP 58; DIN 52011
  • Electrical Requirements : 110 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 1500W max

Included Accessories
  • Shouldered Rings (10), Load Balls (10), Cradle, Power Supply Cable