B and C Series Cell Homogenizer Systems

B Series and C Series Cell Homogenizer Systems

The B & C Series are the ultimate industry cell disrupters, with the power and processing ability to consistently disrupt the materials that you require.

Power Rating Flow Rates vs Maximum Pressure
  40 KPSI (2700 bar) 30 KPSI (2000 bar) 20 KPSI (1350 bar) 15 KPSI (1000 bar)
1.1 KW 100ml / min 120ml / min 180ml / min 255ml / min
2.2 KW 190ml / min 240ml / min 300ml / min 310ml / min
4 KW 405ml / min 430ml / min 440ml / min 565ml / min
Special features
  • Incorporates our unique disruption head, precise and control system with an automatically supplied, continuous flowing Cell Disrupter with CIP and SIP capability
  • Disruption pressure easily and accurately set and displayed digitally with a range of 1KPSI through to 40KPSI as standard
  • Cell Disrupter controls peristaltic process pump for automatic supply of sample
  • Fully contained and having internal ports and drain ports to allow CIP and SIP
  • The "B Series" allows the CIP and SIP to be manually operated
  • The "C series" includes all valves which can be tailored to customers requirements and validated
  • Materials in contact with sample, 316L stainless steel or equivalent, synthetic sapphire, EPDM, GLFPTFE & PEEK 450G
  • IQ/OQ available on request
  • Various flow rates depending on maximum pressure and power rating
  • Pressure consistent and stable suring disruption cycle
  • Temperature control and dimensions as per TS Series

Validation: Industry standard validation available on request