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Essential solutions for laboratory Rotary Evaporation

BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control and production worldwide and serve a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis and academia.

Rotavapor® R-100

The R-100 rotary evaporator is an Effective Rotavapor® to meet the essential needs in evaporation and with BUCHI’s high quality standards.

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Rotavapor® R-300

The Rotavapor® R-300 meets the highest expectations in convenience and versatility. Its modular design allows extension of the Rotavapor® R-300 to a fully integrated system where a central interface regulates each component.

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PrepPure HPLC Columns

PrepPure HPLC columns are filled with high quality silica and enable the performance of high resolution separations. Easy scalability from 4.6 - 70 mm ID and phases for standard and targeted applications make PrepPure the obvious choice for best results.

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FlashPure Cartridges

FlashPure cartridges are offered in a wide range of sizes, covering different stationary phases, particle sizes and geometries. This enables the user to choose the flash cartridge which best suits his purification.

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