miniPV®-HX Automated Dilute Solution/Kinematic Viscometer

miniPV®-HX Automated Dilute Solution/Kinematic Viscometer

miniPV-HX is a fully automated, single-bath, benchtop viscometer with a 10-position sample handler for unattended processing and testing in aggressive/corrosive solvents for dilute solution viscosity of polymers and kinematic viscosity for general purpose applications. Viscosity range for dilute solution viscosity is 0.3 mm2/s (cSt) to 700 mm2/s (cSt)* and for kinematic viscosity 0.02 mm2/s (cSt) to 1,200 mm2/s (cSt)* at 15 °C to 100 °C.

Designed to meet your viscosity testing needs

  • On-board software with specialized polymer calculations determines inherent, intrinsic, kinematic, reduced, relative, and specific viscosity, as well as, molecular weight
  • Integrated TE cooling provides superb temperature control from 15 °C to 100 °C
  • Dilute solution polymer viscosity range: 0.3 mm²/s (cSt) to 700 mm²/s (cSt); both single range and special dual range viscometer tubes are available*
  • Kinematic viscosity range: 0.02 mm²/s (cSt) to 1,200 mm²/s (cSt)*

  • Compact,robust design

    • Fits in roughly the same benchtop area as an analytical balance to conserve valuable lab space
    • Sealed system allows for measurement of atmospherically sensitive and volatile samples
    • Compatible with most aggressive aqueous, aqueous, corrosive, halogenated, organic, and salt solutions

    • Fully automated benchtop testing

      • Software controls the instrument and facilitates tasks such as calibration, data entry, method specification, calculation selection, report formatting, and data exporting
      • Single PC manages up to 4 instruments using VISCPRO® software
      • Reduces operator to operator variability
      • Replaces manual tube cleaning with automated washing and drying

      • Simplified maintenance & test versatility

        • Modular bath for easy maintenance access
        • Operators physically replace tubes in minutes, eliminating the need to schedule related service calls
        • Single-point temperature calibration avoids need for tube recalibration and maximizes test flexibility
        • Standard dual solvent input
        Technical Specifications


        Unit:: 24 kg (53 lb)
        Power Supply: 11 kg (24 lb)
        Waste Receiver:6 kg (13 lb)

        METHOD ASTM D445/D446, ASTM D789, ASTM D1243, ASTM D1795, ASTM D2857, ASTM D3591, ASTM D4243, ASTM D4603, ASTM D5226, ASTM D5336, DIN 51562-1, IEC 60450, ISO 307, ISO 1628-1, ISO 1628-2, ISO 1628-4, ISO 1628-5, ISO 1628-6, ISO 3104/3105, ISO 5351, Ph. Eur. 1472, Tappi T230/PAPTAC G.24P, USP 911
        DIMENSIONS (W X D X H)

        Unit: 25.4 cm × 39.6 cm × 78.7 cm (10.0 in × 15.6 in × 30.5 in)
        Power Supply:: 33.0 cm × 39.6 cm × 17.2 cm (13.0 in × 15.6 in × 6.8 in)
        Waste Receiver:: 33.0 cm × 39.6 cm × 17.2 cm (13.0 in × 15.6 in × 6.8 in)


        73.7 cm × 63.5 cm × 94.0 cm (29.0 in × 25.0 in × 37.0 in)

        SHIPPING WEIGHT (WITH ALL ITEMS) 117 kg (258 lb)
        MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT Cycle time as low as 12 minutes (includes washing and drying time)
        VISCOSITY RANGE Dilute Solution: 0.3 mm2/s (cSt) to 700 mm2/s (cSt)*
        Kinematic: 0.02 mm2/s (cSt) to 1,200 mm2/s (cSt)*
        TIMING RESOLUTION 0.01 s (timing accuracy to ± 0.001 s)
        TEMPERATURE RANGE AND ACCURACY 15 °C to 100 °C, ± 0.01 °C
        MINIMUM SAMPLE/SOLVENT VOLUME 10 mL sample/30 mL solvent for wash
        OPERATING CONDITIONS 15 °C to 30 °C,10% to 75% relative humidity (non-condensing),Installation Category II; Pollution Degree 2
        ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 100 Vac,50/60 Hz; 115 Vac,50/60 Hz; 230 Vac,50/60 Hz; 1000 watts power consumption
        COMPLIANCE CE Mark; EMC directive (2004/108/EC); Low voltage directive (2006/95/EC); HI-POT (1900 Vdc,60 sec.); ROHS
        ADDITIONAL STANDARD FEATURES Internal heated waste drain lines,dual solvent input
        DATA OUTPUT RS-232 via RS-485