Determination of Accelerated Iron Corrosion in Petroleum Products

Determination of Accelerated Iron Corrosion in Petroleum Products

Test Method :

Accelerated Laboratory and Field Procedure for the determination of corrosion of iron, in the presence of water, on samples such as gasoline and gasoline blended with 10% ethanol, E10 (Specification D4814); gasolineblend components (except butane); diesel fuel and biodiesel B5, except Grade No. 4-D (Specification D975); biodiesel B6 to B20 (Specification D7467); diesel-blend component such as light cycle-oil; No.1 fuel oil, No.2 fuel oil (Specification D396); aviation turbine fuel (Specification D1655).

Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester :
  • Preset Temperature and RPM value in direct accordance with ASTM D7548
  • 5" Touch Screen Control Display with Soft keys
  • 4-position liquid bath
  • Integrated Timer
  • Small Footprint

Ordering Information :
Catalog No.
  • K30260 Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester, 115V 60Hz
  • K30269 Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester, 220-240V 50/60Hz

Accessories :
  • 250-000-28F ASTM 28F Thermometer, Range: 97.5 to 102.5°F
  • 250-000-28C ASTM 28C Thermometer, Range: 36.6 to 39.4°C
  • K30130 Polishing Chuck
  • K30150 Drive Motor, 115V
  • K30180 Drive Motor, 230V
  • 380-100-002 Silicone Carbide Abrasive Cloth Roll, C-100 grit Open Mesh, 38mm width x 22.5m length

For Preliminary grinding and final polishing of test specimens.

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