How Are Greases Selected in Real Industrial Applications?

Greases Selected in Real Industrial

Grease selection is always a very important topic to consider for industrial applications because ensuring use of the proper grease can increase equipment efficiency and lifetime and reduce wear. Not all greases are formulated the same and some are much better than others for certain specific applications. This article will explain the most important criteria for grease selection and will give insight into which major applications will require which type of grease or grease performance characteristics.

At first, it is relevant to look at which situations would warrant using a grease as opposed to a lubricating oil. Greases are preferred for machinery that operates remotely and is not easily accessible because the grease can provide lubrication for long periods of time and does not require frequent replenishment. Applications such as gearboxes which are sealed for life would also apply here and would be better served with greases. Greases are also preferred for machines that are in storage for lengthy periods of time or machines that run intermittently. Greases are a better option for applications in which wear is already present because of the more significant thickness of the lubricating film. Finally, extreme conditions with very high temperatures and also slow speeds with heavy loads are usually better treated with greases

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Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company