DS 10

The Nikon FX format CMOS image sensor enables instantaneous capture of images in high definition. Digital Sight 10 allows the unprecedented high resolution of 6K and switching color and monochrome capture with a single camera. This high-performance model also features a high frame rate for fast focusing on high-definition images.

Key Features

Observation with a wide field of view

A full-frame CMOS image sensor for instantaneous one-shot image capture of wide areas

A 25 mm field of view (FOV), possible in combination with inverted microscopes, and upright microscopes, enabling the capture of images over a wider area in one shot. Tiled images can be created efficiently, cutting the time required for screening.

High-definition observation

Easily capture fine details with 6K pixel resolution and high image quality

Microscopic images can be captured at up to 6000 x 3984 pixels (23.9 megapixels), ideal for image analysis and observation of fine structures.

Fast live display

A frame rate that captures moving samples at the perfect instant

Digital Sight 10 is capable of live display of 6000 x 3984 pixel (23.9-megapixel) images at 9 frames/second or 1920 x 1080 pixel (2.1-megapixel) images at 66 frames/second. Fine focusing is easy and stress-free. By using the ROI mode, it is possible to shoot only any place at a higher speed.

High sensitivity and low noise

Ideal for fluorescence observation requiring a wide field of view and high definition

Digital Sight 10 achieves high sensitivity equivalent to ISO 200 in color mode and ISO 800 in monochrome mode. Clear fluorescence observation with a high signal-to-noise ratio is possible in both monochrome and color image acquisition.

Ready for use in a wider range of observation scenarios

Color shooting and Monochrome shooting are possible with one unit (During manual operation)

Digital Sight 10

  • Large 25 mm Fov
  • High resolution of 23.9 Mega pixel
  • Highest speed 66 FPS
  • High Sensitivity & low noise for Fluorescence observation

Technical Specifications
Digital Sight 10
Image sensor Nikon FX-format Color CMOS image sensor
Size: 35.8 × 23.8 mm
Recordable pixels 6000 x 3984 Pixels
Lens mount F-mount
ISO sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 200 (color mode)
Equivalent to ISO 800 (monochrome mode)
(Selectable from ISO 125 to 8000: in color / ISO 500 to 32000 in mono)
Live display mode* All pixels (6000 x 3984): 9 fps
FullHD 3x3 pixels average (1920x1080): 66 fps
Exposure time 100 μsec ~ 120 sec
Photometry mode Average photometry: Average intensity within the photometry area
Peak photometry: Maximum intensity within the photometry area
Exposure control One-time automatic exposure: Exposure time is adjusted automatically for one-time within the optimum range for the camera
Continuous automatic exposure: Automatic exposure adjustment is performed continuously to keep the exposure within the camera
Manual exposure: Exposure time and gain settings are made manually
Exposure correction Average metering: ±1EV Step:1/6EV (some restrictions according to tone)
Peak hold metering: -1 EV ~ ±0 EV
Interface USB3.2GEN1,2 (connect with PC) × 1,
External trigger × 1
Power supply AC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 18W
Dimensions 113(W) x 108(D) x 110(H) mm
Weight 1,100g (approx.)
Operating environment 0-40°C, 60% RH max. (without condensation)

Dimensional Diagram