Dynamic Vapour Sorption

Dynamic Vapour Sorption

Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) Analysis

The dynamic vapor sorption method is used in laboratories world-wide to examine the intriguing moisture sorption behaviour of materials. DVS is used in the industry as well as in academia. It is applied in pharmaceutics for salt-screening and to analyse polymorphism. In food research it is used in stability and shelf-life studies as well as to investigate moisture migration between ingredients in a food product. DVS helps to develop sophisticated packaging materials by measuring the water vapor permeability of films and foils.

It is also a valuable tool to assess the caking behaviour of powdered and granular material during transport, storage and handling. In building physics it is used to analyse water uptake and release of insulation and construction materials made of wood, plaster, fibres or concrete. In the electronic industry moisture induced failure of components is of interest. Originally developed for pharmaceutical research, dynamic vapor sorption nowadays is used in a continuously growing number of applications.

Vapor sorption analyzer models


The SPS23-100n is a highly sensitive system with a gravimetric resolution of 100 nanogram. It is designed for applications where only very small amounts of sample material are available like in pharmaceutical preformulation. The instrument offers high sample throughput and excellent reproducibility between different samples. The plain and easy to clean surfaces as well as the simple straightforward operation qualify this system to be used with critical materials.

SPSx-1µ Advance

The SPSx-1µ Advance model shows best weighing performance and a very high reproducibility of better than +/-2µg at a gravimetric resolution of 1µg. Small and medium sized samples are measured at extremely high resolution over the full load range from 10mg up to 22g. The large available surface area of the pans ensures optimized sorption's kinetics.

SPSx-1µ High Load

Due to its innovative sensor technology, the SPSx-1µ High Load achieves a very high resolution over a wide load range of up to 220g. In combination with the currently largest number of samples that can be measured simultaneously this system is the most powerful and versatile vapour sorption analyzer on the market. The SPSx-1 High Load is compatible with all available hardware accessories.


The SPS11-10µ system is a robust and easy to operate multisample vapour sorption analyzer. With the large load range of the balance, the system is perfectly suited for the analysis of bulky or heavy samples. Typical fields of application can be found in the chemical and food industry as well as in building physics and wood research.

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