Eclipse Ci Series

Eclipse Ci Series

To meet the demands of clinical laboratory specialists and researchers, Nikon has reviewed all aspects of microscope usability to develop the ECLIPSE Ci series of microscopes, which combines superior functionality with operational ease. The Ci is designed to ensure natural posture while viewing images, sample changing and capturing images. Bright, eco-friendly LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement*. A variety of accessories are available that support various imaging techniques.

Manual model with LED illumination

Equipped with LCD and Light Intensity Management (LIM) function based on ECLIPSE Ci-L which is designed with a focus on ease-of-use as well as the health and working styles of people involved in research.

Motorized magnification switching

Magnification can be easily changed during observation with the touch of a button on the ECLIPSE Ci-E microscope body. The buttons can also be programmed for specific objective lenses for easy switching between specific pairs. User-defined light intensity for each magnification is automatically saved and reproduced when magnification is changed. The remote control pad can also be used to easily change magnifications.

Bright and uniform Eco-illumination

The Eco-illumination* is a low-power-consuming, eco-friendly illumination system that produces uniform brightness and reduces the cost and effort of lamp replacement, thanks to its 60,000 hour, high-luminescent LED. By combining a collimator lens, fly-eye optics and LED illumination, bright and edge-to-edge uniform images can be obtained even at high magnifications. The LED illuminator features low-heat generation and provides the same color temperature at every magnification.

Enhanced operational ease

Using the ergonomic binocular tube, which features an eyepiece that can be inclined from 10° to 30°and extended up to 40 mm, the microscope can be adjusted for natural posture. The eyelevel riser lifts the eyepiece tube in 25 mm increments (up to 100 mm*) and can easily be adapted to suit users with different eye-point heights.

Exceptional comfort for clinical and laboratory

  • High-luminescent eco - friendly LED (eco-illuminations)
  • Ci- E offers motorized magnification switching and automatic light intensity reproduction, enabling use of motorized condenser
  • Ci-L plus has a light intensity management (LIM) feature for automatic light intensity reproduction, and an ECO mode that automatically turns the lighting off.
  • It is also equipped with an LCD screen that displays the magnification, illumination, etc.
  • By connecting the camera the scale bar display is automatically adjusted to match the magnification when the nosepiece is rotated
  • Eye-Point height can be lifted using an eyelevel riser
  • Stage height can be lowered by adding a nosepiece spacer, and locked for easy refocusing. Height-adjustable stage handle, Durable, scratch-resistant ceamic-coated stage
  • Built- in capture button allows easy imaging with the Ds_fi3/DS_Ri2 camera

Technical Specifications
Ci-L plus
Optical system
CFI60 Infinity Optical System
High luminescent White LED Illuminator
6V30W Halogen Lamp
Built-in ND4, ND8, NCB11 filters
Automatic intensity reproduction function
Light Intensity Management (LIM) feature, ECO mode*1, Sleep mode*2
Image capture button
Nosepiece rotating buttons
Remote control pad
ND filter IN/OUT switches
(F.O.V. mm)
Sleeve diameter Φ30mm
  • CFI 10X (22)
  • CFI 12.5X (16)
  • CFI 15X (14.5)
  • CFI UW 10X (25)
Coaxial Coarse/Fine focusing, Focusing stroke: 30 mm, Coarse: 9.33 mm/rotation, Fine: 0.1 mm/rotation, Fine movement scale
1μm, Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing function
F.O.V. 22 mm
C-TB Binocular Tube
C-TE2 Ergonomic Binocular Tube (Eyepiece: Port = 100:0, 50:50) via optional C-TEP2 DSC Port, C-TEP3 DSC Port C-0.55X
Inclination angle: 10-30 degree, Extension: up to 40 mm
F.O.V. 25 mm
F-CTF Trinocular Tube F (Eyepiece: Port = 100:0, 0:100)
TC-TT Trinocular Tube T (Eyepiece: Port = 100:0, 20:80, 0:100)

Motorized Sextuple Nosepiece with Analyzer Slot (Within main body)

Switching between two objectives function
Exclusive Intelligent sextuple nosepiece (with Analyzer slot)
C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD
C-N6A Sextuple Nosepiece with Analyzer Slot
Cross travel 78 (X) × 54 (Y) mm, with vernier calibrations, stage handle height and torque adjustable for all stages
  • C-SR2S Right Handle Stage with 2S Holder
  • C-CSR Right Handle Ceramic-coated Stage
  • C-CSR1S Right Handle Ceramic-coated Stage with 1S Holder
  • C-H2L Specimen Holder 2L(Option)
  • C-H1L Specimen Holder 1L (Option)
Condensers (NA)

CI-C-E Motorized Swing-out Condenser (0.9/0.22)

Focusing stroke: 27 mm
Focusing stroke: 27 mm
  • C-AB Abbe Condenser
  • C-AR Achromat Condenser
  • C-DO Darkfield Condenser Oil
  • C-DD Darkfield Condenser Dry
  • C-PH Phase Contrast Turret Condenser
  • C-AA Achromat/ Aplanat
  • C-SA Slide Achromat Condenser 2-100X
  • C-SW Swing-out Achromat Condenser 1-100X
  • C-SWA Swing-out Achromat Condenser 2-100X
  • C-LAR LWD Achromat Condenser
Observation methods*3
Brightfield, Epi-fluorescence, Darkfield, Phase contrast, Simple polarizing, Sensitive color polarizing
Epi-fluorescence attachment
CI-FL-2 Epi-fluorescence Attachment (4 filter cubes mountable)
D-FL-2 U-EPI Epi-fluorescence Attachment (6 filter cubes mountable, Terminator mechanism)
Epi-fluorescence light source
D-LEDI Fluorescence LED Illumination system
C-HGFI/HGFIE HG Precentered Fiber Illuminator Intensilight (130W)
Power consumption
13W (Brightfield configuration)
5.0W(Brightfield configuration)
38W (Brightfield configuration)
Weight (approx.)
15.4 kg (Binocular standard set)
13.4 kg (Binocular standard set)
13.4 kg (Binocular standard set)