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Cellular Technology Limited (CTL), headquartered in Cleveland, OH, is a global biotechnology company with locations and distributors worldwide. CTL is the pioneer and industry leader in the development, use, and manufacture of standardized tools for specializing in cellular immune assays

Immunospot Kits

Exquisite sensitivity, unparalleled reliability.

ImmunoSpot® offers the ONLY COMPLETE set of kits which contain capture and detection antibodies, enzymatic or fluorescent detection reagents, diluent buffers, serum-free T cell assay medium, and PVDF-membrane plates.

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Elispot / Biospot Analysers

Models of S6 series

S6 VERSA-When one needs to scan a wide variety of plate types, the S6 Versa is the instrument of choice. This model is designed to handle 100mm Petri dishes, 96-well plates, and all formats in between. Also included is the BioSpot® software for colony and plaque applications.

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Serum free media

Developed specifically for low background and high signal in cellular immune assays. Outperforms the best sera in Immune Monitoring studies. Application-Serum-free cell culture media allow users to standardize their cell culture conditions by avoiding the use of undefined...

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Cryo preserved PBMC

Cryopreserved Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) are an invaluable resource for researchers investigating immune responses in vaccine development, drug discovery, cancer treatments, and many other fields involving Immune Monitoring.

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The ELISpot assay is a highly sensitive method for quantifying cells that secrete specific proteins, such as cytokines and immunoglobulins. The assay is performed in a 96-well plate multiple formats and involves culturing cells on a plate coated with a capture antibody. The proteins secreted by the cells are then captured and identified using a detection antibody, and a visible spot indicates the presence of each protein-secreting cell after adding a precipitating substrate. This device has multiple applications, including the detection of cytokine release in response to antigens, and therefore, is now commonly used in research and clinical settings.

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Why Choose Your ELISpot Reader System from Labindia Instruments?
Discover the ultimate ELISpot reader solution from Labindia Instruments to unlock the full potential of your immune system research. With Labindia Instrument’s advanced ELISpot reader systems that are enriched with cutting-edge technology, precise measurement capabilities, and unbeatable features, you get all the competitive edge you need to succeed. And the best part? You'll enjoy unbeatable value with our cost-effective ELISpot reader price.

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Why You Need CTL ELISpot Plate Reader Systems?
ELISpot plate reader systems are a critical tool in the study of the immune system, providing valuable information about cytokine-producing immune cells such as T cells and B cells. These systems offer precise, quantitative data, playing a crucial role in the development of new treatments and advancing public health. Through the study of the immune systems at a cellular level, our ELISpot reader system can help deepen our understanding of the complex processes involved in human immune responses.

Here are some reasons why Labindia Instruments ELISpot assays and readers are so critical in the field of immunology.

  • Understanding the Immune System
    ELISpot assays allow researchers to study the activity of specific immune cells such as T cells and B cells that are producing cytokines, the signaling molecules that coordinate the immune response to help different cells and tissues work together. By measuring the activity of cytokine-producing immune cells, ELISpot assays provide valuable information about the evolution of human immune responses. Understanding the function and behavior of the immune system is key to advancing public health, and ELISpot assays play an important role in this process.
  • Precise and Quantitative Data
    An ELISpot reader system can automate the counting of the spots on the ELISpot plate, providing quantitative data about the immune response. This further eliminates the need for manual counting and reduces the risk of error, making the ELISpot plate reader a more reliable and accessible tool for researchers. This fast, efficient, and accurate data-gathering process can be used as a reliable base for research into new treatments.
  • Versatility and Accessibility
    ELISpot assays are relatively straightforward, making them accessible to researchers in a wide range of fields, including immunology, virology, and oncology. By using the ELISpot plate reader system the counting process can be automated– making it easier and more convenient to use. The ELISpot reader system can also be adapted to suit the needs of different research projects, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of scientific disciplines.
  • Developing New Treatments
    Testing the efficacy of new vaccines and immunotherapies, as well as monitoring the response of patients with autoimmune diseases or cancer is made much easier with ELISpot plate reader systems. By providing precise data about the immune response and treatments over time, ELISpot assays can help researchers understand the mechanism of new treatments and identify potential side effects if any. This data generated by ELISpot plate reader systems can provide valuable insight into the development of new treatments.

What is the Application of ELISpot Assay from Labindia Instruments?
ELISpot assays have a wide range of applications, ranging from monitoring the immune response to infectious diseases and cancer to evaluating the effect of new vaccines and immunotherapies. By providing information about the strength of the immune response and how it is changing over time, ELISpot assays play a critical role in advancing our understanding of the human immune system and improving public health. The application of ELISpot assay in healthcare and science is phenomenal, but only if you choose the most accurate and quality equipment like the ones at Labindia Instruments. But that is not all, the ELISpot plate reader can also help with the following.

  • Monitoring Immune Responses
    As mentioned, ELISpot assays are used to measure the activity of cytokine- producing immune cells and hence provide information about the strength of immune responses. In addition to monitoring the immune response of patients with autoimmune or cancerous diseases, another application of ELISpot assay includes the study of the immune response to infectious diseases such as HIV. The effects of immunosuppressive treatments administered to patients can also be measured.
  • Studying Vaccine Efficacy
    Vaccines are sophisticated and usually take time to develop. However, in the face of an emergency, ELISpot assays are used to test new vaccines by measuring the immune response to vaccine antigens. By monitoring the cytokine production of immune cells, the ELISpot reader system can analyze the immune response to a vaccine and how it evolves over time. This information is critical for evaluating the safety and efficacy of new vaccines and for guiding their development.
  • Assessing Immune Responses to Cancer
    Arguably the most crucial application of ELISpot assay lies within its ability to evaluate the immune response to cancer by measuring the cytokine production occurring in response to cancer antigens. This information is useful for monitoring the effectiveness of immunotherapies and for guiding the development of new treatments for cancer. ELISpot assays can also be used to assess the risk of recurrence in patients with a history of cancer, as well as to monitor the response of patients with cancer to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Studying Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases
    ELISpot assays are used to study the immune response in patients with autoimmune diseases by studying the immune system’s response to autoantigens. In addition to this, the effect of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis B and C on the immune system can also be measured. These studies are critical in the development of vaccines and other medications to curb these diseases.
  • Invest in the Future of Immune System Research with Labindia Instruments
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