ERACHECK ECO - Eco-Efficient Oil-in-Water Testing

ERACHECK ECO combines the inherent advantages of IR methods, like high speed and sub-ppm precision with the use of the CFC-free and low-cost extraction solvent cyclohexane. ERACHECK ECO is the only analyzer on the market being fully compliant with the latest standard ASTM D8193. The cost-efficient and eco-friendly measurement technology provides the most economical alternative for oil-in-water testing on the market.

Features :
  • Ecologically friendly and economical oil-in-water testing
  • CFC-free measurement using cyclohexane for extraction
  • TPH and TOG measurements
  • Fully compliant with ASTM D8193
  • Excellent correlation to EPA 1664, ISO 9377-2, ASTM D3921 and ASTM D7678
  • Method detection limit (MDL): 0.5 mg/L oil-in-water
ASTM D8193
User-specific Calibrations
Maximum Connectivity