Eracheck X Portable Oil-in-Water Testing



ERACHECK X, the most recent portable oil-in-water tester is straightforward to use, providing results within 5 minutes. ERACHECK X is fully compliant with the newest IR oil-in-water standard ASTM D8193 measuring TOG, TPH, and FOG in water with sub-ppm precision. Its sturdy design, with a small footprint, makes it suitable for fast on-site compliance testing even under extreme conditions.


ERACHECK X is made during a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing and has no moving parts. Its ruggedness and reliability make it the perfect solution in tough ambient conditions for the daily work on oil drilling platforms and as a transportable field tester for wastewater professionals.

The simplified extraction procedure is performed during a few steps, requiring minimum glassware and straightforward cleaning. The fully automated measurement of the extract takes only 2 minutes. Results are displayed on the massive full-color touch screen and may be exported via USB on to a flash drive or PC for LIMS.


ERACHECK X may be a high-end dual-beam non-dispersive IR spectrometer for the highly accurate measurement of oil-in-water. Supported the in-expensive and environmentally friendly CFC-free solvent, cyclohexane, it measures fully compliance with ASTM D8193, offering excellent correlation to EPA 1664, ISO 9377-2, and OSPAR. Unlike gravimetric methods, ASTM D8193 doesn't require the evaporation of the solvent, eliminating the chance of light-ends getting lost during the measurements. This ends up in a significantly better accuracy and precision (r = 0.25 mg/L) over a good measuring range (0 ? 3000 mg/L).

ERACHECK X - Your features at a look
  • Full compliance with ASTM D8193

  • Pre-installed factory calibrations for excellent correlation to EPA 1664, ISO 9377 OSPAR, ASTM D7678 & D7066

  • On-site results in under 5 minutes

  • Compact and light-weight instrument design with the tiniest footprint

  • 8.4? multilingual color touchscreen

  • Built-in industrial PC with USB and Ethernet for LIMS connectivity

  • User-specific calibrations and password protection

Measurement Procedure
  • Extract the water sample with cyclohexane: typically 250 mL of water is extracted with 15 mL cyclohexane.

  • Select the calibration you want to use: ASTM D8193 or FOG

  • Enter the name of the sample and therefore the name of the operator

  • Press the RUN button

  • Inject 5 mL pure cyclohexane for the background measurement

  • Inject 3 mL of the extracted cyclohexane for the sample measurement

Technical Specifications
Standard ASTM D8193
Correlation to Infrared spectroscopy: ASTM D7678, ASTM D3921, D7066; DIN 38409-H18; OSPAR IR method; IP426 Gas chromatography: ISO 9377-2, ISO 9377-2 (mod) OSPAR, ISO 16703; MADEP-EPH; EN 14039 Gravimetry: EPA 1664, EPA 9071; ASTM D4281; ISO 9377-1
Applications TOG (Total Oil and Grease)
TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon)
FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease in wastewater)
Sample Volume 250 mL water and 15 mL cyclohexane
Measurement Time 5 min including extraction
Measurement Range 0 - 3000 mg/L oil-in-water (Over 1000 mg/L: water:solvent = 250 mL:45 mL)
Repeatability (SD) 0 - 50 mg/L: 0.25 mg/L
Result Database Over 100 000 detailed test reports stored
Interfaces Built-in PC with Ethernet, 4 x front and rear USB and RS232 interfaces; Wi-Fi via USB dongle Direct LIMS connectivity via LAN, output to printer or PC and export as CSV or PDF Optional input by keyboard, mouse, and barcode reader
Display Industry-proven 8.4" multilingual color touchscreen
Power Requirements 85-264 V AC 47 - 463 Hz, max 150 W, Field-Application: 12 V DC
Dimensions 15,5 x 26 x 28 cm (6.1 x 10.2 x 11 in) (W x D x H)
Weight 7 kg (15 lb)