ERJET FAME - FAME in Jet Fuel Testing

ERJET FAME - FAME in Jet Fuel Testing : Portable, Fast, Precise

We are happy to present to you our all-new analyzer, the ERJET FAME, which is another great step to extend eralytics fuel analyzer family.

ERJET FAME is a rugged and truly portable stand-alone NDIR spectrometer for the ultra-fast and easy determination of all types of FAME in jet fuel. The fully automated analyzer easily determines FAME in jet fuel with lab-grade precision in excellent correlation to international IR (ASTM D7797, IP583) as well as GC (IP585, IP590) standards.

ERJET FAME is the most economical and efficient solution for high speed FAME in jet fuel testing for many reasons:

  • Maximum Precision : With a repeatability of only r = 4 mg/kg and a reproducibility of R = 6 mg/kg ERJET FAME measures with lab-grade precision over a wide measurement range of 10 to 250 mg/kg (ppm) for AVTUR.
  • Ultra-Fast and Fully Automated : With an unrivalled measurement time of only 5 min ERJET FAME is the fastest FAME in jet fuel analyzer on the market. With its easy to use interface and the fully automated measurement including the sample introduction ERJET FAME is the perfect solution even for untrained operators. Cleaning and rinsing of the instrument are an easy task as no special solvent is required.
  • True Portability : The ultra-light and rugged metal housing with its small footprint makes ERJET FAME equally suited for lab applications and field use. It is perfectly suited for a straightforward on-site operation even in remote locations with limited access to technical infrastructure ? and this with lab-grade precision.
  • 2-in-1: FAME in Jet Fuel and D4052 Density : eralytics? innovative temperature-controlled, high-precision density meter module DENS4052 EXT is now optionally available also for the direct connection with ERJET FAME. With only 1.3 kg of weight, DENS4052 EXT is the lightest and smallest density meter on the market measuring in full compliance with ASTM D4052. Connected to ERJET FAME it allows the simultaneous high precision measurement of density and FAME content of AVTUR.