Fluidnatek LE-50

Fluidnatek LE-50

The Fluidnatek LE-50 is a compact laboratory benchtop machine which is equally powerful as an advanced research station. It was designed keeping adaptability in mind. The highly modular LE-50 electrospinning device can be easily configured for a variety of electrospinning or electrospraying tasks. Crucially, it is also compatible with an AC unit for climate control, which can be added as an upgarde, making it an ideal instrument for conducting precise R&D activities. All Fluidnatek electrospinning equipment is compatible all along the range of machines for doing the scale up from lab stage to manufacturing.

Selected Specs and Features
  • Compact design for small laboratory spaces.
  • Easily configured for variety of tasks.
  • Advanced electrospinning machine with hygienic design.
  • Solvent resistant for effective cleaning and cleanroom compatibility.
  • Touch control interface with data logging multi user-level access.
  • Coaxial electrospinning configuration.
  • Exchangeable rotating collectors with scanning motion emitter.
  • Optional second, independent spinning stage for processing two materials at the same time.
  • Compatible AC bench unit for temperature and humidity control.
  • Extraction fan to exhaust solvent vapours.
  • Safety interlock.
  • CE certified and UL compatible.
  • Machine Qualification package available to enable GMP or ISO13485 process validation.

  • Implants
  • In Vitro Cell Culture
  • Food Encapsulation
  • Actives Encapsulation

Note: various other applications can be carried out using the same or different model. For more applications check out the entire Bioinicia range of products or write to us!

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