Gas Bag Auto Sampler

Analyzing gas is often seen as difficult and problematic. The chosen sampling technique and ability to handle different kinds of gas at different pressure levels and physical state is challenging to say the least.

TE Instruments has developed a unique sampling system

The GBS (Gas Bag Sampler) is an auto sampler for sampling gas from gas bags (e.g. TedlarTM bags).

It forms a perfect match together with the XPLORER Elemental Combustion Analyzer but can also be combined with any other combustion analyzer as an excellent stand-alone sampling system, operated through the Incorporated Touch Screen.

GBS: Atmospheric gas samples.

In comparison to sampling gas using a pressurized gas cylinder, the GBS samples directly from a gas bag. There is no need for restoring the pressure resulting in easier transportation of taken samples. Additionally, the use of gas bags is cost effective and substantially lower than steel or aluminum cylinders, requiring a protective coating.

Former gas bag sampling systems were operated manually, sampling only one gas bag per analysis. The GBS can take up to 10 gas bags at the same time and analyze in sequence. This not only provides more productivity, but ensures less contamination and therefore more reliable results. Depending on the specific application, methods in the embedded software can be customized as desired by the operator. The GBS offers the operator Full Parameter Control: injection speed, cleaning sequence and injection volume are automatically controlled and monitored at all times.

International Standards :
EN 17178, GB/T 11061, UOP 910, GB/T 11060.4, ASTM D3246, ASTM D6667