Nanolithgraphy Tool

Heidelberg Instruments

3D Direct write mask less Nano & Micro Lithography Tool

A Leader in Direct write Lithography

Heidelberg Instruments designs, develops, and manufactures maskless laser lithography systems for the fabrication of micro-structures, serving the global photolithography community in both the direct writing field and in photomask production. Application areas include MEMS, micro-optics, advanced packaging (3DIC), IC, flat panel displays (FPD), micro-fluidics, sensors, and other analog and digital electronic components. Our systems are used in more than 50 countries in Research and Development, rapid prototyping, and industrial production.

In 2018, Heidelberg Instruments was joined by SwissLitho, a young and innovative high-tech company with an expertise in Scanning Thermal Probe Lithography (STPL), a technology realized with their NanoFrazor systems. Together, Heidelberg Instruments and SwissLitho are now able to provide customers with an additional choice of tools and options in the Nano- and Microlithography field. In the NanoFrazor, heatable silicon tips are used for direct patterning of arbitrary 2D and 3D nanostructures and for simultaneous imaging of the tiny resulting nanostructures.

Heidelberg Instruments supports more than 1,000 systems installed worldwide. We are experts in advanced direct-write lithography systems with the experience gained in over three decades. We use our knowledge to support customers to maximize uptime and minimize cost-of-ownership of our products. We provide extensive services both to our state-of-the-art technology systems and throughout the entire life cycle of our older systems.

Nanofrazor Scholar

The NanoFrazor Scholar is the entry level NanoFrazor system and is particularly suited for academic research groups looking for an easy way to create high-resolution nanopatterns or devices. The NanoFrazor Scholar is a compact system designed to fit in the smallest lab spaces.

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Nanofrazor Explore

The NanoFrazor Explore performs with maximum speed, precision and reliability. The technology behind the system is the result of more than 20 years of intensive research and development that started at IBM Research in Zurich and has been extended at SwissLitho and Heidelberg Instruments.

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