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Hot air Oven

Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven

Hot Air Oven a laboratory instrument which is used for various applications in several industries. Hot air oven device is driven by advanced technology which is mainly used to sterilize the product with dry heat. Professionally Triple walled construction helps this device complete its task silently.

Dry heat is suitable for sterilizing metal instruments that rust or dull in the presence of the water vapour. With the help of a thermostat it controls the temperature of the inner chamber for the required time. Air circulating fans help to provide uniform distribution of heat.

The major reason hot air ovens are getting popular is because hot air ovens do not require the water or pressure to be built up in the oven, that is why the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and hospital use to sterilize the product in hot air ovens.

Features and Specification :
  • Triple walled in construction with Inner made of Stainless Steel - 304 Grade & Exterior of CRCA steel with powder coat finish.
  • Food grade Silicon Rubber gasket which acts as a perfect sealant.
  • Temperature controlled by Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller & PT-100 sensor.
  • Heating elements are made of high grade Nichrome wire and provided on the side walls of the chamber.
  • Air circulation by motorized blower placed on top of the oven, Natural convection model also available.
  • Available with removable SS Rod shelves.
  • Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 250°C.(up to 300°C available on request).
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C or better.
  • Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.
Forced Convection Modelsl Natural Convection Model Working space (WxDxH in inches) Capacity Ltrs Watts Shelves
LHAOF-45 LHAON-45 14x14x14 45 1500 2
LHAOF-95 LHAON-95 18x18x18 95 2000 3
LHAOF-125 LHAON-125 18x18x24 125 2500 3
LHAOF-224 LHAON-224 24x24x24 224 3000 3
LHAOF-250 LHAON-250 24x18x36 250 3000 3
LHAOF-325 LHAON-325 24x24x36 325 3500 4

Natural Convection Hot Air Oven refers to a Laboratory Instrument that uses dry heat for equipment like Glassware and other materials.

Its primary function is to eliminate moisture from the material. Accordingly, it is predominantly employed in applications like annealing, baking, curing, drying, and such likes. Aside from these, it is also used for the measurement of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS), and even storage of some products at constant temperature in hospitals and laboratories, etc.

Used for various applications in several industries, a Hot Air Oven device is primarily driven by advanced technology; and is predominantly used for sterilizing a product with dry heat also for drying for Glassware.

The prominence of dry heat is it helps to sterilize metal instruments that either rust or dull in the presence of water vapor. With assistance from a thermostat, it controls the temperature of the inner chambers for a specific period of time. Likewise, air circulating fans in a hot air oven facilitates uniform distribution of heat.

Triple-walled in construction with an inner made of stainless steel -304 Grade and Exterior of CRCA steel with powder-coat finish, a Hot Air Oven specifications includes

  • Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 250°C up to 300°C. (on request)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C or better.
  • Operates at 230 Volts AC Single Phase 50 Hz.
  • Inner Chamber made of thick gauge stainless steel sheet that is SS 304/SS 316. This meets the needs of a hot air oven’s design, durability, and ease of cleaning.
  • External Cabinet that is constructed from either powder-coated GI sheet OR stainless steel as per customer requirements.
  • Food-grade Silicon Rubber Gasket that acts as a perfect sealant.
  • Temperature controlled by microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller and PT-100 Sensor.
  • Motorized blower placed on top of the oven to facilitate air circulation.
  • Heating Elements that are made of high-grade Nchrome wire, provided on the side wall of the chamber.
  • Removable stainless steel wire-mesh cable shelves. They allow height adjustment.

A Hot Air Oven principle revolves around utilization of convection, conduction, and radiation, as per the dry air sterilization procedure.
  • Heating components heat the oven’s chamber air. This can be evenly circulated with the use of fans thereby exposing sample surfaces to hot, dry air.
  • Exposure of sample surfaces to hot, dry air causes the external surface of an object to heat-up. Simultaneously, the conduction mechanism transfers’ the heat to the object’s core.
  • Transfer of heat causes microorganisms’ internal water to evaporate. This results in oxidative damage to cellular components; denaturation of proteins; toxic consequence of high electrolyte levels; and finally, death.
Hot Air Oven sterilization involves the evaluation of the efficacy of any kind of instrument with quality testing.
  • Biological indicators are used for testing the hot air oven’s functionality.
  • Clostridium Tetani Spores from a non-toxic-genic strain are employed as the microbiological test for quality control.
  • 106 spor-impregnated paper-strips are placed in envelopes and inserted into proper packaging.
After the hot air oven sterilization, the strips are removed. Then they are infected with thioglycocollate or cooked beef medium; and finally incubated at 37 degrees Celsius for five days for a sterility test under stringent anaerobic conditions.
In case, there is effective and proper hot air oven sterilization, the spores will be eliminated and later there will be no further growth.

Also called as Forced Air Circulating Ovens, Hot Air Oven uses relate to
  • Hot Air Oven Sterilization of
    • Sterilize Powder like starch, sulfadiazine, and zinc oxide.
    • Materials that contain oils.
    • Material Equipment like blades, scalpels, and scissors.
    • N95 Masks,
    • Tools and Packaging Materials.
Materials that cannot be sterilized include surgical dressings, plastic materials, or rubber items.
Hot Air Oven uses are predominantly in Microbiology Laboratories, Life Sciences, MLSS Analysis, and several applications based on research. Aside from these, there are industries that employ hot air circulation ovens like chemical and pharmaceutical electronic components, steel manufacture, food and beverage, and textile, etc.

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When sterilizing materials, it is important to follow the hot air oven manufacturer’s instructions. That’s because there are some materials that are sensitive to high temperatures or known to release harmful fumes when heated. Additionally before handling them after they have been sterilized, it is also important to allow the materials to cool down.

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