Hot Air Oven

Hot air Oven

Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven
Hot air Oven

Hot Air Oven a laboratory instrument which is used for various applications in several industries. Hot air oven device is driven by advanced technology which is mainly used to sterilize the product with dry heat. Professionally Triple walled construction helps this device complete its task silently.

Dry heat is suitable for sterilizing metal instruments that rust or dull in the presence of the water vapour. With the help of a thermostat it controls the temperature of the inner chamber for the required time. Air circulating fans help to provide uniform distribution of heat.

The major reason hot air ovens are getting popular is because hot air ovens do not require the water or pressure to be built up in the oven, that is why the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and hospital use to sterilize the product in hot air ovens.

Features and Specification :
  • Triple walled in construction with Inner made of Stainless Steel – 304 Grade & Exterior of CRCA steel with powder coat finish.
  • Interior made of Stainless Steel - 316 grade and Exterior of Stainless Steel - 304 grade matt finish in all GMP MODEL.
  • Food grade Silicon Rubber gasket which acts as a perfect sealant.
  • Temperature controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller & PT –100 sensor.
  • Heating elements are made of high grade Nichrome wire and provided on the side walls of the chamber.
  • Air circulation by motorized blower placed on top of the oven.
  • Available with removable SS Rod shelves.
  • Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 300°C.
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C or better.
  • Safety: Capillary type Thermostat provided to take care of temperature overshoots & in case the PID Controlling system fails.
  • Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz
L - HAO 14"X 14" X 14" 45 LTRS 1500 2 NOS
L - HAO-2 18"X 18" X 18" 95 LTRS 2000 3 NOS
L - HAO-3 18"X 18" X 18" 125 LTRS 2500 3 NOS
L - HAO-4 24"X 24" X 24" 224 LTRS 3000 3 NOS
L - HAO-5 24"X 18" X 36" 250 LTRS 3000 3 NOS
L - HAO-6 24"X 24" X 36" 325 LTRS 3500 4 NOS

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