Iludest, Germany

Iludest, Germany

Founded in 1990, Iludest manufacture 'State-of-the-Art' products for Solvent Recycling, Thermal Process Engineering, and Pilot Plants for Distillations. Every Iludest System is a unique high-end product that precisely meets the specific concepts of customers and turns challenges into solutions. Iludest is expertise in thermal process engineering who can design and manufacture of turn-key unit and pilot plants for chemical / petrochemical industry and universities.

ASTM D-1160 CC
  • Boiling Analysis accordingly to ASTM D-1160
  • Computer Controlled ( CC )
  • Fully Automatic System based on micro processor
  • With automatic distillation rate control
  • Volume follower system for automatic control of the distillation rate and heating rate

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  • The Automatic Fraction collector and the vacuum equipment and the control systems are used for alternative operation of both distillation processes.
  • The system is Micro processor controlled and ready to use based on operator design.

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VLE 602 / VLLE-602
  • The Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium data are able to be measured and determined with two-component or multi-component mixtures.
  • The unit can be applied for measuring equilibrium data and evaluation of equilibrium curves.

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HMS 500 AC
  • Automatic Semi-Micro-Distillation-Unit with the FISCHER® SPALTROHR®-Column
  • Compact and especially versatile, the fully automated FISCHER® LABODEST® HMS 500 AC is a unit with highest separation efficiency.

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