Inkjet Technology - Marathon Series

Inkjet Technology - Marathon Series

Inkjet Bio-Printing Systems for Microarrays, Multiplex Diagnostics, Nanowells and Microfluidic devices.

Arrayjet has scalable inkjet bio-printing systems for high-throughput applications using a variety of substrates including microarrays, MEMS, nanowell PCR and microfluidics.

Arrayjet systems bring the advantages of an industry-leading inkjet printhead to customer applications in various industries.

  • Arrayjet instruments are the fastest available up to 50 times faster than any other competitor technology.
  • Maximum throughput: Arrayjet instruments offer the largest commercially available batch sizes of up to 1000 slides.
  • Fully integrated optical QC and environmental control as offered as standard making this the most reliable, walkaway bio-printing technology available.
  • On-the-fly, non-contact printing enables production of the highest quality products time after time, with improved accuracy, reproducibility and excellent spot morphology.
  • Combining speed and precision with the versatility to print any sample type onto any substrates, Arrayjet has a solution for your biological printing requirements.

Technical Specifications
Technical information Marathon Classic Marathon Argus Super Marathon Ultra Maratdon I & II
Input Capacity 6 plates 48 plates Ultra Marathon I: 6 plates Ultra Marathon
II: 48 plates
Output Capacity Up to 100 slides Up to 1,000 slides
Print Speed 640 features per second
Optical Camera QC No Yes
Sample Handling: 12 sample Reduced Aspiration JetSpyder - as standard
12 sample High Capacity - optional except Classic
32 sample Ultra-low Aspiration Capacity JetSpyder - optional except Classic
Printhead Xaar XJ126 piezoelectric printhead, 126 nozzles
Dispensing Volume 100 pL to 10 nL (100 pL increments)
Feature Size 90 - 500 µm
Print Accuracy +/- 10 µm
Weight 330 kg / 725 lbs 340 kg / 750 Lbs 420 kg / 925 lbs
Height: 1.70 m
Width 1.56 m
Depth: 0.89 m
Power 220 V, 50/60 Hz or 110 V, 50/60 Hz

JetMosphereTM - Environmental Control Unit

The JetMosphere™ is an environmental control system installed as standard with the entire Arrayjet range of microarrayers. Tight control of temperature and humidity ensures a consistent printing environment. This ensures production of reproducible microarrays and reliable immobilisation of biomolecules onto substrates.

Optimal binding is observed with most slide types at 20 - 25 °C and between 40 - 60% relative humidity (RH).

Eliminating the presence of airborne particles within the microarrayer makes a significant improvement to the quality of the printed arrays.

The JetMosphereTM
  • Controls humidity using a hemetically-sealed HEPA filter to trap airborne particles, eliminating the need for chemical desiccants.
  • Controls temperature cooling to 5°C below ambient, with an operating range of 15-25°C
IrisTM Optical QC

Arrayjet has developed a dual-camera optical QC system, available as an upgrade on the Marathon series of instruments.

The IrisTM system consists of twin cameras mounted on either side of the print head. Each camera captures images within 300 ms of sample deposition, moving across the printed slides in conjunction with the print head.


Arrayjet offer a comprehensive selection of consumables for its Marathon Microarrayers, slides & OEM'

Applications :
  • Antigen discovery
  • Biomarker screening
  • Antibody validation
  • Epitope mapping
  • Small molecule library screening
  • Hybridoma screening
  • Gene expression profiling
  • SNP analysis
  • Host-pathogen interaction profiling
  • Comprehensive microarray polymer profiling (CoMPP)

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