inViaTM Qontor confocal Raman microscope

inViaTM Qontor confocal Raman microscope

The new inVia Qontor is Renishaw's most advanced Raman microscope. With the addition of Renishaw's latest innovation, LiveTrackTM focus tracking technology, the inVia Qontor enables users to analyse samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces. Optimum focus is maintained in real time during data collection and white light video viewing. This removes the need for time consuming manual focusing, pre-scanning or sample preparation.

The inVia Qontor confocal Raman microscope's cutting-edge technology reduces overall experiment times and makes analysing even the most complex samples easy.

  • Keep your view of the sample in focus while you survey it under manual control
  • Raman-map rough, uneven, and curved surfaces
  • Little or no sample preparation is required
  • View Raman chemical images in 3D and see both the chemistry and the topography
  • No need for a time-consuming surface pre-scan
  • Maintain focus during dynamic measurements, such as sample heating/cooling and during very long measurements when the environmental conditions are varying

Centrus : ultra-fast Raman imaging

Key to the implementation of advanced Renishaw technologies within Qontor, Centrus is more than just a detector. It is designed by Renishaw, exclusively for Raman spectroscopy and imaging. Centrus features high sensitivity detector chips, with thermoelectric cooling for ultra-low noise levels; giving you optimal performance with ultra-fast data collection (over 1800 spectra s-1).


Class 3B1 laser product (Class 1 available on request)

1As defined by IEC 60825-1:2014