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Flexible, user-friendly nanoindenter for modulus, hardness (Oliver-Pharr analysis, ISO 14577), storage and loss modulus, and universal testing. Capable of exerting up to 1N of force to test hard materials at higher loads and larger depths. Fitted with optional actuators for testing of soft materials, tribology, lateral force and other measurements requiring the determination of force and displacement along two axes.

Nano Indenter® G200

Fully extendible, production-proven nanoindenter with automated high-throughput hardness measurement capability. With the largest force range in the KLA nanoindenter product family, the Nano Indenter G200 can be used to measure Young?s modulus, hardness, fracture toughness, wear/scratch resistance, coefficient of friction, high-temperature creep response and viscoelastic properties of many types of materials.


Flexible, user-friendly, low-force nanoindenter that can perform a wide range of nanomechanical tests. Capable of exerting up to 50mN force to test thin films and soft materials.


Compact, flexible nanomechanical tester for in situ testing inside scanning electron microscopes or gloveboxes or on benchtops, under either ambient or vacuum conditions.


Highest performance nanoindenter for testing the mechanical properties of small volumes of material under vacuum at temperatures up to 800°C. Real-time deformation data adds to the understanding of material performance at elevated temperatures.

T150 UTM

Industry's highest performance and most versatile nano tensile tester, using industry-leading continuous dynamic analysis (CDA) to generate dynamic storage and loss modulus measurements spanning five orders of magnitude.

Applications :
  • Fast Testing -Material Property Maps, Hardness - Modulus
  • High Temp- Match Uniaxial Data, Fast Characterization
  • Hardness- ISO 14577, Vickers Hardness
  • ProbeDMATM - Viscoelastic Properties, Soft Polymers - Biomaterials
  • CSM - Thin Films - Coatings, Substrate Independence
  • Universal Test

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