Lab-i-Fuge 4R

Lab-i-Fuge 4R

Centrifuge Lab-i-Fuge 4R

The LAB-i-FUGE 4R (Refrigerated/Non Refrigerated) benchtop centrifuge has been designed for easy operability from any corner of the lab. The LAB-i-FUGE is easily accessible to operate by every individual.

The single driven motor protects the machine from overheating before running the sample at the maximum high speed. The rotor balancing is monitored by the machine only. The Safety Solenoid Lid Lock Technology help LAB-i-FUGE to safely operate.

The LAB-i-FUGE 4 (refrigerated / Non-Refrigerated) high-speed benchtop centrifuge, operates for medium capacity needs. It allows the capacity of application in tube and plate from 0.5ml to 175ml. For rotation of application, the centrifuge is capable to speed up to 20,000 RPM and 32'198 x g RCF. The sizeable LCD show all the details clearly in which the centrifuge automatically calculate and show the RPM value for every rotor when you attach it to the centrifuge chamber.

LAB-i-FUGE 4R running time is 100hr in which it can manage the temperature of centrifuge from -9°C to 40°C. The spinning time of the centrifuge is for a longer period so LAB-i-FUGE helps you with the pre-set program option in this you store data up to 99 different programs before you operate the centrifuge. So this help in reducing your work to set centrifuge program after every spin.

Audio Visual notification helps to make you aware of completing every spin in the centrifuge. Emergency lid open option help to check the sample in case of any electrical failure.

Features :
  • Refrigerated / Non Refrigerated High Speed Table Top Centrifuge.
  • Brush-Less Single Driven Motor for Over Heat Protection.
  • Imbalance Monitoring System with Safety Solenoid Lid Lock Technology.
  • Rotors/ Adapters to Suit Alternate Volumes between 0.5 ml to 175 ml.
  • Max. Capacity - 4 x 175 ml
  • Rotors - 0.5 ml to 175 ml
  • Max. Speed 20,000
  • Max. RCF 32'198 x g
  • Max. Rotors - 6
  • Display - LCD