Lab-i-Fuge C Series

Lab-i-Fuge C Series

Centrifuge Lab-i-Fuge C Series
Centrifuge Lab-i-Fuge C Series
Table Top High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

LAB-i-FUGE C Series high speed refrigerated centrifuge is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, etc. It is an indispensable instrument for centrifugation at all levels of hospitals, research institutes, and universities.

Key Features :
  • Small size with LCD display, great space saver for the lab.
  • Steel structure, centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel.
  • AC frequency variable motor drives, stably and quietly during operation.
  • Parameters can be revised during operation without stopping.
  • Automatically Calculates and Displays RCF Value.
  • 10 level speed control with 9 groups of program.
  • Emergency lid safety lock.
  • Energy-efficient ECO friendly refrigeration system.

Technical Specifications :
Max RPM (rpm) 16500rpm
Max RCF 18757Xg
Timer 1min ~ 99min
Revolutions/min ±10 r/min
Temp Range -20°C ~ 40°C
Temp Accuracy ± 1.0°C
Voltage AC 220 ± 22V 50Hz 10A
Power 550W
Noise Level ≤60dB(A)
Chamber Diameter Φ 160mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 510×280×270 (mm)
Packaging Dimensions 610×380×370(mm)
Net Weight 40kg

Angle Rotor
1 16×1.5/2.2 ml 16500rpm/18360xg
2 12×5 ml 15000rpm/15940xg
3 24×1.5/2.2 ml 14000rpm/18757xg
  4 4x8x0.2 ml PCR 13500rpm/11610xg