LABJAL - Lab Mini

LABJAL - Lab Mini

Water Purification System
Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Lab Mini for the labs that require Ultra Pure Water in small volumes for most sensitive and critical lab analytical applications like HPLC, ICP, GC-MS etc.

Lab Mini is an advanced water purification system for the research laboratories requiring about 30 – 40 Litres of ultrapure water in a day small amount of ultra-pure water per day.

To produce ultra-pure Type I water Lab MINI conforms to all ASTM standards with Resistivity 18.2 MΩ -cm, Conductivity 0.055 us/cm at 25 C, TOC level 1 ~ 5ppb.

The LAB Mini LCD display provides you with a real-time view of parameters like resistivity and conductivity.

It is one of the most compact systems with (width 315, Depth 525, Height 570mm).

Operation :
  • Tap water to ultrapure water - Lab Mini dispenses ultrapure water directly from your Water Source (Tap/RO).
  • Reservoir - Lab mini is equipped with internal 6 litres Reservoir.
  • Easy to shift – Internal Reservoir and Compactness of product make it easy to move.
  • Easy to use - Touch button, which makes it easy to handle all information about water quality.
  • Space Saving - Small size, light weight makes the lab mini easy to fit even in small space in the lab

Optional Remote Water Dispenser can be connected to the system.

Foot pedal activation for hands-free operation - Lab Mini, can be operated with the assistance of foot so which facilitates you multitask.

Internal Ultra filter - Optional - Factory Fitted - With the user choosing this feature the water dispensed from Lab Mini can be used for biological applications also

Applications :
  • Gas Chromatography
  • All spectroscopy methods
  • Enzyme immunoassays
  • HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography)
  • ICP (Inductively coupled plasma)
  • AAS (Atomic absorption spectrophotometer)
  • Clinical research
  • Inorganic trace analysis
  • Buffer and media preparation
  • Biology
  • Microbiological techniques

Specifications :
Model LAB NE15UV
Feed Water Requirement
Source Tap water
Conductivity* < 2000 µS/cm
hardness** < 300ppm as CaCO3
Free Chlorine*** < 0.5 PPM
Pressure < 0.05 ∼ 0.5MPa(7-72psi)
Temperature 5 ∼ 35°C
Type I Water
Resistivity At 25°C 18.2MΩ-Cm
Conductivity At 25°C 0.055 μs/cm
TOC Level 1 ∼ 5ppb

Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Lab N system is a flexible compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra pure water in a single unit.

Applications Include HPLC, GC,GC-MS,ICP-MS, AA, IC ,Cell & Tissue Culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, Electrophoresis.

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Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

LAB NE systems with advanced EDI (Electrodeionization Technology) that not only consumes low energy but also gives you additional benefits of lower maintenance, cost, better ion exchange and no particulates or organic contamination.

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Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Tap to Ultra Pure Water System with EDI Technology – Dispenses Type II and Type I Water for Analytical and Life science applications.

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