Water Purification System
Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Labjal Lab NE Water purification System dispenses ASTM grade Type II and Type I Ultra Pure Water.

Lab NE is equipped with the advanced EDI (Electro-Deionization) technology that consumes less energy and has advantage of lower maintenance which helps in improving profitability and save cost.

Features :
  • Hold up the nature of put away water – The food-grade PE water reservoir maintains the quality of Type II water.
  • Hands free Working - Lab NE provides the user and option of utilizing the water system with foot pedal actuation to avoid contamination issues.
  • Temperature, Conductivity, Resistivity, Graphical Display of Water in the reservoir are displayed on LCD Screen which assures the water quality, Online TOC monitoring on LCD screen is available on Lab NET model only.
  • Choice of Water Reservoir Options – User can chose either 30 L or 60 L capacities depending on their requirement.
  • Flowrate, Manual dispense, Auto Volume Dispense – Flowrate is 15 LPH, Manual dispense upto 2 LPM and Auto Volume Dispense from 0.1 to 25 L.

Specifications :
Model LAB NE15UV
Feed Water Requirement
Source Tap water
Conductivity* < 2000 µS/cm
hardness** < 300ppm as CaCO3
Free Chlorine*** < 0.5 PPM
Pressure < 0.05 ∼ 0.5MPa(7-72psi)
Temperature 5 ∼ 35°C
Type II Water
Resistivity At 25°C 10 ∼ 15 MΩ-Cm
TOC < 30ppb
Flowrate 15 L/H
Type I Water
Resistivity At 25°C 18.2 MΩ-Cm
Conductivity At 25°C 0.055 μs/cm
TOC Level 1 ∼ 5ppb
Rnase / Dnase < 0.01ng/ml / < 4pg/µl

Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Lab N system is a flexible compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra pure water in a single unit.

Applications Include HPLC, GC,GC-MS,ICP-MS, AA, IC ,Cell & Tissue Culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, Electrophoresis.

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LABJAL - Lab Mini
Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Lab Mini for the labs that require Ultra Pure Water in small volumes for most sensitive and critical lab analytical applications like HPLC, ICP, GC-MS etc.

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Water Purification System - Labindia Labjal

Tap to Ultra Pure Water System with EDI Technology – Dispenses Type II and Type I Water for Analytical and Life science applications.

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