Raman Analyser
Raman Analyser - Laboram 1064

Laboram 1064 is a handheld Raman analyser that excels at fluorescence resistance in order to suit the detection of high fluorescence materials in a non destructive manner. With its compact size and extremely light weight (1150kg) it can be widely used in industries relating to public safety, laboratories, plant, warehouse etc Utilizing Raman technology, analysis can be performed through transparent containers, all while maintaining the volume and integrity of the sample.

The system is easy to use and can detect drugs, API’s, excipients, precursor chemicals, explosives, gemstones, raw materials. Excellent spectral identification algorithm embedded in the Laboram software makes it very easy to identify the sample under consideration and enables the users to add their own spectral data. The system uses a simple interface which makes it extremely user friendly, the 5.5" high definition screen, 13-mega camera using the android platform makes it easy to take pictures of the samples tested in the field which can later be submitted as an evidence.

The Laboram1064 is fully compliant with all 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and plays a very important role in the cGMP-compliant facilities. Trained and well experienced service personnel at Labindia can provide support for new library creation and development and also with IQ/OQ and PQ documentation services. Our well qualified service engineers will be in a position to provide wide variety of services associated with the instrument.

Key Features :
  • Excitation wavelength: 1064nm for reduced Risk of Fluorescence Interference
  • Non-Destructive, Fast Detection & Identification
  • Advanced algorithm enables mixture detection
  • Self-Built Spectral Library
  • HD 5.5" capacitive touch screen with 13-mega pixel Camera
  • Barcode & QR scan
  • Precision GPS positioning
  • Multiple modes of 4G, GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI
  • Test results available .pdf format
  • Built-in Li battery which enables continuous operation for 4 - 6hrs
  • Lightweight (1150kg)
  • IP-67
Applications :
  • API and excipients
  • Formulations
  • Food Safety
  • Chemicals
  • Gemstones & Materials Identification
  • Mineral sorting
  • Experimental Research
  • Antique authentication