Raman Analyser
Raman Analyser - Laboram785
Raman Analyser - Laboram785

Laboram785 is a handheld Raman analyser which is compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate. It employs an Android platform and has a easy to use, user interface. It comes with 5.5’ high definition screen, a dual camera of 13-mega plus 8-mega pixel taking evidence pictures in the field. It also has multiple modes of inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. The system allows quick development and standardisation of methods, which can be used as a reference to inspects and detect the quality and purity of samples, anywhere and at any time making it an ideal system for applications in multiple industries. With its capability to be handled as a 21 CFR part 11 compliant system, it comes with IQ/OQ and PQ documentation which makes it ideal to be used in the pharmaceutical requirements.

Laboram785 has the capabilities to detect drugs, precursor raw materials, and also identify additives, residues of pesticide & veterinary drugs with an unmatched speed which helps in quick identification of materials .

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Key Features :
  • Double cameras
  • Wavelength : 785nm
  • Spectral Range : Range:200-4000 cm-1
  • Wavenumber Resolution :10 cm-1
  • Lightweigh (t 450g)
  • 21CFR Compliant
  • IP-67