An autoclave is a laboratory sterilization instrument, which uses moist heat in the form of saturated steam under controlled temperature and pressure. Basically, the autoclave uses four parameters: Steam, Temperature, Pressure, and Time. This depends on the size and the load of the content that will be sterilized in the chamber. The autoclave is widely used by many Clinics, Primary Health Centres, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Laboratories this is also considered as a most dependable product. Another reason that makes this product more considerable is that it is non-toxic and inexpensive.

The moist heat helps to kill the microorganism by causing the organism's structural proteins and enzymes to lose their shape.

Features :
  • Vertical Autoclave is widely used in Clinics, Primary Health Centres, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and laboratories.
  • Double walled construction with Inner chamber (boiler) made of Stainless Steel 16 SWG sheet- 304 grade and Exterior shell of stainless steel sheet - 304 grade with mirror polish.
  • The boiler and outer shell are provided with air insulation.
  • Lid is made of die pressed thick stainless steel plate &is equipped with Pressure gauge, Steam release/Exhaust valve & spring-loaded safety valves.
  • Foot lifting arrangement for the lid.
  • Fully argon welded to avoid steam and pressure leakage.
  • Heavy duty Industrial flange heaters.
  • Working Pressure: 15 PSI factory setting.
  • Perforated basket made of Stainless Steel sheet-304 grade.
  • Operates on 230Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.

Accessories for Laboratory Autoclave :

A. Digital Temperature Controller cum Timer (99 minutes).

B. Water Level Cut-off.

C. Pressure Cut-off Switch

Technical Specifications :
  • Temperature Range 121°C to 125°C
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
  • Pressure range 15 PSI to 20 PSI
  • Factory Set at 15 PSI

Types of Autoclave :
  • Semi-Automatic L-SAA
  • Fully Automatic L-FAA
  • Automatic Single Lever L-ASL
(in Inches)
(in Ltrs approx.)
L-SAA 25 10" x 18" 25
L-FAA 25
L-SAA 35 12" x 20" 35
L-FAA 35
L-SAA 50 14" x 22" 50
L-FAA 50
L-ASL 80 80
L-SAA 95 18" x 24" 95
L-FAA 95
L-SAA 120 18" x 30" 120
L-FAA 120
L-ASL 120
L-SAA 178 22" x 30" 178
L-FAA 178
L-SAA 215 24" x 30" 215
L-FAA 215

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