Laboratory Freeze Dryer Lyobeta

A Responsible Choice :

New demands in R+D centers are related to scale-up feasibility and quality of procedures and research methods. FDA investigators consider that transfer of technology from R+D departments to clinical trials and later commercial production is often carried out with lack of strictness and poor documentation practices. Therefore, they are emphasizing on the concept of cGMP as a means of quality control, comprising all practices in R+D and production processes.

The new LyoBeta Series lyophilizers are laboratory units that have been designed specifically for advanced research centers, keeping in mind that initial development of new drugs is one of the most critical issues for their final commercial success.

Design Features

The LyoBeta is a compact unit with castors, constructed in a steel stove-enamelled cabinet. The equipment is supplied fully assembled, including the vacuum and refrigerating system and all necessary elements, ready for operation after connecting to the utility services.