Automated NGS Library Preparation System

The Magnis system provides a complete system for NGS library preparation that is fully automated and delivers reproducible results. This new bench-top instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents come pre-aliquoted; and pre-set protocols are included.

The?system requires minimal expertise to run. The on board wizard allows assays to be set up in under five?minutes. In addition, the?Magnis?notifies users of correct reagent placement through automated barcode checking. Upon pressing the start button, the user can walk away from the?instrument, yet visually check progress through the wizard and the LED status indicator.?

Features :
  • Magnis works seamlessly with Agilent?s industry-leading SureSelect target enrichment system and delivers sequencing data?that are?robust,?traceable,?and reproducible
  • This bench top instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents are provided pre-aliquoted; and the system comes with pre-set protocols for Agilent?s catalog and custom assays.
  • The LED status indicator will light up green allowing you to monitor status easily from a distance.
  • When combined with the Agilent 4150?TapeStation System, the Magnis system?provides quality control of the sample throughout the workflow.

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