Nanonics, Israel

Nanonics Imaging Limited

Nanoscale Characterization & Imaging with Optically Integarted AFM

A Leader in Nanotechnology

Started in 1997, Nanonics Imaging Ltd is one of the most innovative companies in the world in the area of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). This innovation together with unparalleled customer support and collaboration has been the basis of its growth. Today Nanonics has 45 employees in its Jerusalem headquarters and representatives throughout the world.

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SpectraView 2500

Integrating scattering techniques with ultrasensitive SPM/AFM, the SpectraView MV2500 (TM) is a breakthrough in nanochemical analysis: IR-ThZ-Raman-AFM. The SpectraView 2500 (TM) is a compact ultra-low noise scanning probe microscope, offering the highest of resolution and force sensitivity. It offers all modes of AFM, contact, tapping, non-contact and elasticity mapping together with other standard protocols.

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MultiView 4000

As many as four probes operate simultaneously and independently, with each probe having its own feedback and scanning capabilities. Measure sophisticated properties only possible with the availability of multiple probes such as electrical, thermal and optical properties of devices.

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MultiView 2000

The MultiView 2000 series is an advanced single probe scanning probe microscope enabling a variety of modes of AFM/SPM/NSOM imaging. Nanonics has designed The MultiView 2000 for excellence in scanning probe microscopy while allowing for near-field and far-field optical NSOM/AFM Raman/TERS imaging without perturbation.

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The Cryoview enables measurements of low temperature electrical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties of materials fully integrated with near-field and far-field optics, Raman, and fluorescence spectroscopies. It opens new avenues for multiprobe measurements including transport properties of materials at temperatures as low as 10K.

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