Omni International, USA

Omni International - The Homogenizer Company TM

Omni is the leading manufacturer of laboratory homogenizers and ultrasonic cell disrupter for more than 5 decades. Omni, a strictly homogenizer-focused company, sets the industry standard with a commitment to outstanding design, performance and a uniquely diversified solution based product line to offer a complete portfolio of homogenizers designed for pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, agricultural, microbiology and chemical research and development.

Omni offers a broad range of solutions along with its accessories, to process any sample, including high shear, ultrasonic, mortar and pestle, and bead mill homogenizers, which are user friendly, easy to clean and maintain.

Rotor Stator Homogenizer

High shear laboratory homogenizer designed to process tough samples quickly and efficiently without compromising the sample. Faster processing times mean less chance of heat degradation to the sample. These motors are available in hand-held or stand-mounted configurations with speeds of up to 35,000 rpm.

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Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic Homogenizer are recommended for samples that require particle size reduction below 1 ┬Ám. Common applications include nano particle dispersion, creating emulsions, bacteria cell disruptions and DNA shearing.

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Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead mills are an ideal solution for high throughput disruption of tough and fibrous samples. Bead Ruptor bead mills are designed to disrupt both soft and hard samples by shaking the sample in a tube pre-filled with beads.

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Manual Homogenizer

Tissue Grinders are an inexpensive way to homogenize small samples. Available in disposable or non-disposable options.

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