ProUmid, Germany

ProUmid, Germany

ProUmid is a German manufacturer of moisture sorption systems and humidity generators for precisely controlled relative humidity in analytical equipment. Our instruments have been sold worldwide and are being used every day in a multitude of different applications both in industry and research.

Dynamic vapour sorption

The dynamic vapor sorption method is used in laboratories world-wide to examine the intriguing moisture sorption behaviour of materials. DVS is used in the industry as well as in academia.

  • SPS23-100n
  • SPSx-1? Advance
  • SPSx-1? High Load
  • SPS11-10?g

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Moisture equilibration

Moisture content can have a significant impact on powder properties such as flowability or compressibility. Measurement of mechanical properties at certain moisture contents therefore is essential in order to avoid problems during processing, storage and transport.

  • Dynamic Flow Method
  • Humidity Control

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Humidity Generators

For easy set-up of all necessary parameters, the modular humidity generator is equipped with an integrated process controller and graphical user interface.

  • MHG32
  • MHG100

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MCC Humidity Reference

The humidity validation kit of ProUmid contains 5 vials, each with 500mg microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) as reference material. The cellulose has been tested, validated in a round robin test and has been certified as a company internal reference standard.

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