Micro Raman System

Renishaw, UK

Renishaw is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group.

We design, develop and deliver solutions and systems that provide unparalleled precision, control and reliability.

We are also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (also referred to as metal 3D printing), where we design and produce industrial machines which ?print' parts from metal powder. From transport to agriculture, electronics to healthcare, our breakthrough technology transforms product performance.

We have more than 80 offices in 36 countries, with over 4,500 employees worldwide. Around 3,000 people are employed within the UK where we carry out the majority of our research and development and manufacturing.

Raman Spectroscopy
RA802: Pharmaceutical Analyser

Renishaw's RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser offers scientists a step change in vibrational spectroscopy-based imaging techniques. Three of the most common complaints about conventional Raman microscopy and infrared microscopy (IR microscopy) systems are sample focus, speed of analysis and ease-of-use.

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RA816: Biological Analyser

Imaging and molecular medical diagnostic techniques can be sensitive and specific to information related to the initiation and progression of disease and pathology. However, these techniques require contrast agents (stains and labels) or molecular tags, which can be costly in time (processing and review expertise) and money.

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VirsaTM Raman Analyser

Renishaw has developed the Virsa Raman Analyser using its expertise in optical design and detector technologies. It combines the power of laboratory?grade Raman with the convenience of a transportable unit.

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