Seron, Korea

Seron Technologies Inc., Korea

Seron Technologies Inc. are a pioneer of electron beam technology in Korea, since we successfully developed and commercialized the very first SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) ever in Korea in 2000.

Seron Technologies Inc. is specialized in electron beam and optic designed technology and developed various E-beam equipment. We have expanded our market from domestic to overseas with our upgraded SEM series and innovative E-beam equipment, and achieved reliable reputations from our respectable worldwide customers from universities, laboratories, and industries.

Based on our accumulated technologies over last 15 years, we are willing to support system customization for advanced R&D, and it is our great pleasure that we can contribute to all our customer's achievement. We, Seron Technologies Inc. always do our best for customer's satisfaction with our continuous hard work.


FE-SEM was also developed in Korea by name of Seron Technologies Inc.

  • Be equipped with Conical Obj. Lens
  • Be equipped with Auto-stepping & Tiling Function (for Super Pixel resolution with wide FOV)

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High-resolution SEM imaging and X-RAY imaging in one Hybrid System!

  • Possible nm resolution imaging in the implementation of the SEM
  • Convergence System with Realistic price
  • Sub-micron Spot Size and Probe current implementation of more than 100 uA max!

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