TESCAN CLARA | SEM solution for laboratories



Field-free analytical UHR SEM for materials characterization at the nanoscale.

Key Benefits :
  • Uncompromised characterization of all types of materials at the nanoscale
  • Ideal for characterization of materials at low beam energies for maximum surface topography
  • Excellent imaging of beam-sensitive and non-conductive samples
  • Fully automated setup of electron beam ? optimal imaging conditions are guaranteed by the In-Flight Beam TracingTM
  • Intuitive live SEM navigation on the sample at magnification as low as 2X without the need of an extra optical navigation camera thanks to the Wide Field OpticsTM design
  • Unique In-Beam Multidetector design allowing angle and energy selective BSE detection
  • Intuitive software modular platform designed for effortless operation regardless of users' skill level

Achievable Resolution :
  • 0.5 nm at 15 keV* (Subject to ideal installation site conditions)
  • 0.8 nm at 1 keV* (Subject to ideal installation site conditions)

Probe Current :
  • 2 pA–400 nA, continuously adjustable

Stage :

Motorized, 5-axis SW controlled eucentric stage

  • X & Y axis travel range: 130 mm
  • Z axis travel range: 95 mm
  • Tilt range: -60° to +90°
  • Rotation: 360 degrees (continuous)