TESCAN VEGA COMPACT | SEM solution for laboratories


VEGA Compact offers ease of use and an outstanding price?performance ratio which makes it best choice when considering alternatives to tabletop systems

Proving that entry-level doesn?t have to mean compromising on results, TESCAN VEGA Compact offers a complete analytical SEM solution for laboratories that place a priority on both easy operation and quick time to high quality images and compositional (EDS) analysis.

TESCAN VEGA Compact features a simplified configuration that includes only the most critical components for efficiently capturing morphological and elemental data, allowing TESCAN VEGA Compact to occupy a smaller footprint in the lab. With the ability to accommodate large-sized samples that are common in industry, materials science and semiconductors ? like metallurgical cross-sections, welded structures, or printed circuit boards ? TESCAN VEGA Compact is a great choice for not only your current materials inspection, quality control and failure analysis needs, but also your future analytical needs.

Key Benefits :
  • Process samples faster with VEGA Compact's large chamber, which offers the space for analyzing multiple samples or large samples, as well as true high vacuum for dependable EDS results.
  • Easily acquire compositional data and directly correlate it to the SEM image using the overlay feature of TESCAN's optional, fully integrated EssenceTM EDS.
  • Set-up beam parameters quickly for optimal imaging and analytical conditions with TESCAN's In-Flight Beam TracingTM.
  • Navigate effortlessly and precisely - at magnifications as low as 2x ? with TESCAN's unique Wide Field OpticsTM mode, which eliminates the need for an additional optical camera.
  • Move samples confidently and avoid collisions using TESCAN's unique live 3D collision model which replicates the size and geometry of samples and detectors within the chamber interior.
  • Customize the GUI to match a user's experience level and application for intuitive operation of TESCAN's EssenceTM microscope control software.
  • Save cost and reduce your ecological footprint using TESCAN'S optional vacuum buffer that significantly reduces vacuum rotary pump run-time.