Walter UHL GmbH, Germany

Walter UHL GmbH

Measuring Microscopes

Our product portfolio starts with portable microscopes, hand driven tool makers microscopes up to motorized fully automatic video measuring microscopes.

Microhardness Testers VMHT

The microhardness testers of the UHL VMHT series provide semi- or fully-automatic low-load Vickers or Knoop hardness testing from 1 g to 2 kg. Using brilliant Leica optics and a high valuable load mechanism with fixed weights to apply the test force, repeatable and long time stable results are achieved.

Positioning Systems

We provide a wide range of precise high valuable accuracy classified linear stages, open or closed frame XY stages, micropositioning elements and rotary or lift tables. Closed loop operation is supported by using optional steel or glas linear scales or rotary encoders.

Standard stands in grey iron cast or granite are available additionally.

The positioning systems can be driven by high resolution 1-, 2- or 3-axis motion controllers with joystick and RS232/USB/LAN interface.

Custom Systems

Spinneret Inspection Microscopes : Manual, semi- or fully-automatic microscopes for spinneret inspection.

Custom systems including for example special lenses, tube assemblies of our component system, special cross(xy) or rotary stages, lift tables, single or multiple axis stands, precision hole punches or micro assembly systems. Our own design, manufacturing, assembly and service facilities enables us to provide you a complete system from a single supplier.

Applications :
  • Hardness testing using Vickers and Knoop hardness tests
  • For smaller samples, thin specimens, plated surfaces or thin films