Webinar on 30th June 2021 at Scion Instruments

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Please Register yourself and join us for June Month Webinar on 30th June 2021.

Session 1

1:30 PM as per Indian Std. Time /10am (CEST)

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7:30 PM as per Indian Std. Time/4PM (CEST)

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SCION Instruments: Free Webinar Series
30th June : Bringing Value & Quality into your Lab

In this webinar SCION Instruments CEO, Mr. Khalid Tafrasti, will explain the SCION Instruments product portfolio and explore how they are successfully maintaining their legacy of quality and innovation.

During the session Khalid will discuss the undisclosed key factors that makes our hardware, software, and solutions unique. The webinar will also include a live stream demonstration of various products: GC 436, GC 456, GCMS, HPLC as well as application development.

Presenter : Khalid Tafrasti


Mr. Khalid Tafrasti is the CEO of SCION Instruments with over 23 years of experience in the GC, GCMS and HPLC in various positions, leading different companies. As part of our strategy to serve our customers better; Khalid has chosen to give the Webinar himself to be closer to the end user and potential customers.

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