WEDGE Radial Columns

WEDGE Radial Columns

5L to 10L - 5.0 cm depth

The WEDGE® Radial Column fully exploits the separation capability and high capacity of low cost soft media as well as the faster flow media currently available. It does this without compromising performance in terms of chromatographic separation, efficiency and productivity. WEDGE? Radial Columns incorporate the patented design of Radial Flow and traditional Axial Flow column chromatography. This permits simple linear scale-up of your bioprocess from lab scale axial columns to large scale Radial Flow Chromatographic columns.

Key Benefits :

  • Linear Scale-up
  • Easily validated packing procedure
  • High flow rates with soft media
  • Low pressure
  • High Productivity
  • Higher yields
  • Better sample distribution
  • Consistency in performance