PrepPure HPLC Columns

PrepPure HPLC Columns

PrepPure HPLC columns are filled with high quality silica and enable the performance of high resolution separations. Easy scalability from 4.6 – 70 mm ID and phases for standard and targeted applications make PrepPure the obvious choice for best results.

Benefits :

High flexibility

  • Wide range of silica phases (unbounded Silica, C18, C18 AQ, C4) and particle sizes (5-15µm)
  • Easy scalability thanks to multiple dimensions (4.6 - 70mm ID; 150/ 250mm lengths)

Specialized solutions

  • 70mm ID columns for large scale purification (up to 85g for Silica and 8.5g for C18)
  • C18 AQ phase for polar to medium polar compounds in a high water environment

Specification :

Phase Silica C18 C18 AQ C4
Particle Size [μm] 5, 10, 15 5, 10, 15 5, 10, 15 5, 10, 15
Particle Geometry Spherical Spherical Spherical Spherical
Column Lengths [mm] 150, 250 150, 250 150, 250 150, 250
Column ID [mm] 4,6 - 70 4,6 - 70 4,6 - 70 4,6 - 70

Accessories :

  • Guard columns
  • Used to protect the Prep-HPLC columns. Available in Silica and C18 media.

    All guard columns and holders are delivered as single pieces and with a 1/16" connection.

  • Adapters & spare parts

  • Column and cartridge holder
  • Cartridges above 330g require bigger cartridge holder to use with Buchi Pure systems. The Pure Cartridge holder XL can hold cartridge from 330g to 5000g.

    Column holders for columns with internal diameter greater than 50mm requires special holder. PrepPure column holder XL can hold columns with an ID >50 mm to connect to Buchi Pure chromatography systems.

  • Empty solid loaders
  • Used with Flash chromatography systems to load solid samples on a flash cartridges. Available in two types. Ecoflex Empty solid loader and Pure solid loader. Pure solid loaders are flexible in the amount of sample that can be loaded compared to standard empty solid loaders that have fixed capacities.