RT-PCR (Real time PCR)

AriaMx RT-PCR (Real-time PCR) System

Agilent's RT-PCR (Real Time PCR) system including the newest generation AriaMx system. It includes kits, instruments, enzymes, master mixes, reagents, optical cartridges, plastics, supplies to software and more.

Features :
  • Usable with many fluorescence detection chemistries, including SYBR Green and EvaGreen dyes, and fluorogenic probe systems such as TaqMan
  • Combines a novel thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with LED excitation source, and comprehensive data analysis software
  • Ultrafast chemistry helps you to complete your study in a timely fashion
  • Proprietary rapid hot-start enzymes and fastest industry high-resolution melt reagents
  • Intuitive operation with a touch screen interface
  • Modular optics and open reagent platform for increased agility
  • Multiplex capability with six filters for five plexing and two to five channels
  • Validated for most applications and chemistries
  • Intuitive open-source software and robust data analysis with proprietary algorithms
  • Instrument validated on 100,000+ samples across 14 different assays

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