Agilent Technologies Life Science(Genomics) Product portfolio

Agilent Technologies provides complete end to end solutions for various applications in Genomics to help scientists accelerate their research and focus on Science.

We, Labindia Instruments are the exclusive channel partner for Agilent Technologies for the following product lines :

Automated Electrophoresis

The Automated Electrophoresis portfolio offers a variety of quality control systems with varying throughputs ranging from ultralow to ultrahigh, and multiple kits and reagents to choose from for all your DNA and RNA workflow needs. You can choose from nine automated electrophoresis instruments.

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Microarray Solutions

Agilent provides complete solution for Microarray scanner, reagents, varied arrays in multiple formats and software.

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RT-PCR (Real Time PCR)

Agilent's Real Time PCR system including the newest generation AriaMx system. It includes kits, instruments, enzymes, master mixes, reagents, optical cartridges, plastics, supplies to software and more.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Hybrid capture-based target enrichment employs probes to capture target sequences in a NGS library. Hybrid capture sequencing is sensitive and suited for detecting single nucleotide variants, translocations, structural variants, insertions and deletions, and copy number variations. Agilent provides a full suite of hybridization capture-based target enrichment...

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The Magnis system provides a complete system for NGS library preparation that is fully automated and delivers reproducible results. This new bench-top instrument self-detects and tunes; the reagents come pre-aliquoted. The?system requires minimal expertise to run. The on board wizard allows assays to be set up in under five?minutes.

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CRISPR/Cas9 is an RNA-guided DNA nuclease associated with Type II bacterial CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) immunity systems. Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9) is widely used to induce site-specific double-stranded breaks in DNA for multiple applications.

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Mutagenesis & Cloning

Agilent kits speed up the protocol for performing site-directed or random mutagenesis, with high efficiency and 100% accuracy and reliability. Our extensive cloning vectors include the latest in next-generation cloning, and are designed to simplify commonly used or difficult cloning and sequencing procedures, with high speed, reliability and precision.

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