Rotor Stator Homogenizer

Rotor Stator Homogenizer

High shear laboratory homogenizer designed to process tough samples quickly and efficiently without compromising the sample. Faster processing times mean less chance of heat degradation to the sample. These motors are available in hand-held or stand-mounted configurations with speeds of up to 35,000 rpm.

Omni Lab homogenizers are powerful, versatile, and durable homogenizer that can handle virtually any processing application. Its high power motor can handle even the toughest tissue samples, and high viscous emulsions and dispersions are quickly and easily homogenized.

Process sample volumes ranging from 0.25 mL to 30 L with speeds ranging from 500 to 25,000 rpm.

Omni's Mixer series is utilized for processing :

  • Bulk vaccine products
  • Processing fruits & vegetables
  • Plant homogenization for environmental testing
  • Petroleum by-products & waste
  • Lotions & oil emulsions
  • Animal tissue
  • Paper pulp processing
  • Paint, ink and dye application
  • Mixing anaesthetics for research